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Japan Culture and Art Festival: VKA Workshop & Information Booth

Date: Sunday 27 October 2019

Location: Collingwood Town Hall

Event Time: 11am - 4pm

Workshop Time: 12.15pm - 12:45pm and 2.15pm - 2:45pm

The JCAF focuses on mutual interaction & audience participation to enrich the cultural exchange experience through workshops, performances, music & art exhibition.

VKA is excited to announce that we are collaborating with JCAF and have recently secured workshop slots, and operate as an information booth about Kyudo during all other festival time.

As part of VKA's strategy this year to promote kyudo to the wider community and to encourage inter-club collaboration through socialization, we have been actively looking for opportunities to fulfill our goals. With the successful social event that was held earlier this year, VKA aims to inform and educate the public about kyudo this upcoming festival, and a good opportunity to promote the clubs within Melbourne.

There will be 2x workshop sessions of come-and-try introducing shaho hassetsu, giving a taste of what could be expected at introduction courses.


We are also hosting a competition, challenging you to see how long you can last in Kiza! The person who lasts the longest will be our first prize winner!

The rules are simple: 1. Must be in proper form (we’ll show you how!) 2. You must hold the bow and arrows correctly 3. You need to hold ikasu (one knee raisied) 4. Your time starts when your arrow is nocked on the string

The winner will receive 2x tickets to the Japan Film Festival, kindly sponsored by the Japan Film Festival. The tickets are valid for any standard screening of your choosing. The JFF will be showing in Melbourne over 21 November - 1 December


The VKA committee will be hard at work at the stall, if you're in the area come swing by and say Hi! We will be located outside of the Town Hall.

Check out the Japan Culture and Art Festival program here!

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