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Annual General Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came along today! It was a bit cold today to put it lightly, and so we are extra appreciative of the members who came and stayed for the whole meeting! We are pleased to announce that quorum was met with 11 out of 49 members attending the meeting in person, and 24 by proxy. The meeting was declared open at 2:14pm.

I would like to thank our outgoing committee member, Eilidh Miriklis from stepping down as Vice President over the last 2 years, and Rachel Fisher from stepping down as Secretary - we them well and all their efforts. As there were only one nominations per position for the following VKA committee, motion was passed and accepted for the below to be our new committee for 2020:

Vice President: Ei Aoyama (MKK)

Treasurer: Alfa Chang (MKK)

VIC State Rep: Diego Leiva (MKK)

The President position received 2 nominations - after a count of proxies by our Returning Officer, Gabbi Suckling, in addition to a secret ballot from the members who attended the AGM, we are pleased to announce that Michael Maher from MKK will continue the mantel as the President for 2020. We thank Calista Wu for her application, who has been appointed as Secretary instead with no contesting nominations.

We thank the new committee of 2020 for their willingness to continue to contribute to the Kyudo community. Congratulations, and great to see 2 new faces in the crew!

Once finalised, a copy of the minutes will loaded to our website, where it is available for respective club members if you wish to have a copy.

Thank you again for your attendance.


Calista Wu

Outgoing VKA President 2019, Secretary 2020

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