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Mock Shinsa

Well done to the Mudans from LTUKC and MKK that have completed a mock shinsa this month!

From 2017 onwards, the Australian Kyudo Association has implemented this in each state to help assess the readiness of Mudans going for grading. The mock shinsa (grading) should emulate the environment on how a real shinsa is conducted (ie. the formalities, correct uniform, taihai, 28m shooting etc.), and assessed by the club instructor and senpais. The mock shinsa can be run as many times as possible. This process is in place to make the candidates more comfortable in knowing what the real grading will be like, and to prepare them as much as possible. Only Mudans are required for this process, as anyone else going for shinsa with a Dan would already know what the grading is like and what the requirements are.

It is with great pleasure to announce that we have a total of 3 Mudans from LaTrobe University Kyudo Club and 5 Mudans from Melbourne Kyudo Kai who have successfully passed their respective club's mock shinsa, and will be joining in the special shinsa set in Meiji Jingu, Tokyo in April 2018. This will be a big event, combining the 3rd World Kyudo Taikai, the 4th International Kyudo Seminar and the Special Provisional Chuo Shinsa together. All the best!

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