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Tokyo, April 2018: 3rd World Kyudo Taikai & 4th International Kyudo Seminar and Special Provisio

The World Kyudo Taikai, like the Olympics if you will, is held once every 4 years, in which Kyudo practitioners from around the world will gather for competition in both individual and team shootings. The 3rd ever World Taikai was held together with the 4th International Kyudo Seminar and Special Provisional Chua Shinsa for Dan gradings. Combined, this huge event attracted over 900 attendees worldwide, spanning over 10 days from April 20 - 29th at the beautiful Meiji Jingu Budojo Shiseikan Kyudojo in the heart of Tokyo, Japan.

Due to the number of people, it makes for a crowded seminar, with long days standing on unforgiving wooden floors and the stress of impending shinsa. However, you cannot help but be swept up by the electric atmosphere and mingling with practitioners of all nationality united by our common interest in Kyudo, being in such a historic dojo and going out to the Tokyo nightlife after training.

From Australia, a contingent of 39 have gone across international waters to try their luck in the Taikai and Shinsa. The results are set to be released later this year, and to them (and more specifically, our Victorian members) we wish them the best of luck!

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